Common Garage Door Problems and Their Solutions

Automatic garage doors are a heavenly blessing when you are in rush and need the quickest possible way to access the driveway and just runoff. However, as with other electric equipment around the house, garage doors tend to wear and tear over a time. Some parts will get malfunction more quickly than others. Before rushing to professional Nando’s Garage Door Repair services and request them to help you. Here are some common garage door problems you might encounter:

  • Noisy garage door: 

A noisy garage door is a common problem especially if you have a living room above or near the garage. Check the garage door tracks to see if there is a formation of dust and grease around the rollers and tracks. Sometimes a good cleaning and oiling will help you to solve the problems in no time. Also, try to tighten the screws and bolts which are connected to the walls. A damaged or lost track does not only cause irritation in the ears but could also put into great trouble that might need major garage door repair service. In some cases, you will have to replace the rollers and hinges. With the passage of time, holes in the hinges tend to become out of shape or bigger than they should be. These problems should be handled by professionals.

  • Frozen garage door:

Winter is the time that brings many inconveniences to the garage door. During the winter season, the cold weather tends to make the matter worsen. Your garage door does freeze to the floor of the garage. The icy layer may break once you hit the button of the remote and command the garage door to go up. In other situations, this trick won’t work. Hitting the button harder won’t make it functional. What is likely to happen is that you will get broken hinges or a burnt motor. Due to harsh weather, your garage door technicians will charge you more. You need de-icing techniques to melt the icy connection. You may use hot water or any other heating tool to do this. You can also use the shovel to chip the icy layer.

  • Garage door sensors:

The replacement and alignment of garage door sensors are important to make the garage door functional. The garage door is opened and closed multiple times a day; chances are there that the sensors become displaced and blocked. It is good to check the sensors to make sure that they are positioned correctly. Once you adjust the replacement of sensors, your garage door will run smoothly. It is the easiest task of garage door repair projects. However, sensors and other electrical devices are attached to the garage door which is powered by electricity. It is always wise to call professional garage door repair companies to avoid accidents and other problems while fixing the garage door.