DIY Tips for Garage Door Repair

After a hectic day at the office, you just thinking of having a relaxing shower and a cup of coffee watching your favorite TV show. But what happened, when you arrive home and push the button of remote to operate the garage door so that you can park your vehicle and enjoy your evening.

You will get panic when the garage door does not open. You tried it again and again in frustration but very disappointing. The last thing you can do is to call a garage door professional. For more information about garage door, Visit Here

In this situation, most homeowners would prefer to call the technician right away.  What about you? It is wise to look at the problems first then take a phone to make a call to the garage door expert near you. Maybe, the problem behind the non-functional garage door is not as serious as you think it. You may handle it on your own.  Remember, you have a user’s manual for your garage door; you can use it to troubleshoot some common issues. Definitely, it is the first thing you can do by yourself.


Let’s have a look to estimate what you can do with your system.

  • Remote failure is the common reason behind the malfunctioning garage door. Always keep a spare remote control in your car, so that you can evaluate whether the problem lies with it or not.
  • In case, your remote control seems to be good, check the garage door sensor. The eye of the sensor may be covered with dust or something that can block the transmission of singles.
  • Once you have checked the sensor, check the garage door hinges and rollers which are responsible for moves the garage door. It is the reason which makes the matter worse and in the end you will have to spend bucks of dollars to repair it. You should clean and lubricate them.
  • Check the garage door cables and wires to determine whether they are connected or not. A significant identification of the problem is the jammed garage door. Your garage door would stop in the middle of opening or closing.
  • The garage door tracks on which door moves to open or close should be mounted at their place. Sometimes garage door brackets may become loose and can cause improper operations of a garage door. These brackets including nuts and bolts should be tightened up.
  • There may be dented or out of shape garage door tracks. You can fix them and get back in shape with the help of a hammer. Don’t put the hard force which will break the whole track.
  • If you are living at the place which has extreme weather conditions, there is a chance your garage door might fluctuate or get stuck at any point. Check the setting once again and test the garage door.
  • The last but not least thing is to check the garage door torsion springs. These are responsible to control the opening and closing functions. They help to lift the heavyweight of garage door that is why; it is placed under an immense amount of stress. Remember, it is the most dangerous part of a garage door that always needs the assistance of a professional garage door technician.