E&EI’s Bozmoski says Boxer/Sanders climate bill “bloated” and a non-starter for conservatives

A proposed “fee-and-dividend” climate bill filed by Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) this week is a total non-starter for conservatives because it is not 100% revenue neutral to the taxpayer, is loaded with new spending and more “bloated government” according to E&EI’s Alex Bozmoski.

“It’s refreshing that Democrats are moving past cap-and-trade but this bill is still loaded with new spending and bloated government, and that is a fatal flaw for conservatives. It expands government by $480 billion, including $180 billion for new programs and targeted subsidies for specific technologies and industries. A better plan is to offset new revenue with tax cuts, dollar-for-dollar, and let the marketplace innovate and invest let’s grow the economy, not the government.”

Below is the excerpt from the article in the Houston Chronicle:

D.C. think tanks have been working overtime on the idea. That includes the conservative American Enterprise Institute. Former Rep. Bob Inglis, a South Carolina Republican, is crusading for the idea, at a new think tank, the Energy and Enterprise Initiative, at George Mason University.

Alex Bozmoski, director of strategy and operations for Inglis’s Energy & Enterprise Initiative, said it is “refreshing that Democrats are moving past cap-and-trade” but criticized the Boxer/Sanders bill as loaded with new renewable energy spending and “bloated government, and that is a fatal flaw for conservatives.” A better idea, he said, would be to offset the new revenue from the carbon fee with dollar-for-dollar cuts in other taxes and leave it to the market, incentivized by the carbon tax, to figure out how to cut emissions.