Price it; don’t regulate it

EPA regulation of carbon dioxide wrong way to go

FAIRFAX, Va.Energy and Enterprise Initiative Executive Director Bob Inglis said today that the Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement that it would  regulate emissions on new coal-fired power plants is a clumsy, job-killing, emission-raising blunder.

“EPA regulations are precisely the worst way to reduce carbon pollution,” Inglis said. “If the EPA slugs its way to victory through the litigation that will come, it will have succeeded in putting a domestic-only, regulatory ‘price’ on carbon. As a result, assembly lines will move to countries that have cheaper energy and worse emissions. So we’ll lose jobs, and we and the world will get dirtier air.

“Instead, we should untax income, tax carbon pollution and repeal regulations that would become redundant because of the accountable pricing of carbon,” Inglis said. “We should also make this carbon tax border-adjustable, rebating it on exports and imposing it on imports from countries without a similar price on carbon. The border-adjustable feature would make it attractive for China and India to price carbon at the same level in their own economies.

“A revenue-neutral, border-adjustable, government-shrinking carbon tax is infinitely better than a domestic-only, job-killing, emission-raising regulatory ‘price’ on carbon.  It’s not too late to change course.”

About the Energy and Enterprise Initiative
The Energy and Enterprise Initiative is a nationwide public engagement campaign promoting free-enterprise solutions to energy and climate challenges. Based at George Mason University, E&EI works to build support for energy policies that are true to conservative principles of limited government, accountability, reasonable risk-avoidance, and free enterprise.   Former South Carolina Republican Congressman Bob Inglis (1993-98, 2005-10) serves as executive director of E&EI. For more information, visit