E&EI statement on carbon tax amendment to REINS Act

With the U.S. House of Representatives debating the REINS Act (Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act) H.R. 367 today, E&EI is supportive of an amendment which says a carbon tax is “detrimental to individuals, families and businesses” because it helps define the parameters toward a conservative solution.

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“Those of us on the free enterprise side of this discussion see a definitional opportunity here,” said Bob Inglis, E&EI’s executive director. “Rep. Scalise is helping to define three things that what we don’t want: a carbon tax that’s revenue-raising, that attaches only to American manufactured products and that the EPA enacts by regulatory fiat.

“If the left could agree not to pursue those three things and to drop the apocalyptic language about climate change, maybe we could start a new conversation about energy and climate in this country. It would be a conversation cast in reasonable risk avoidance that seeks an all-costs-in competition between the fuels and that pairs the accountable pricing of emissions with a dollar-for-dollar cut in other taxes. That would be a conversation that liberty-loving, free enterprise types could lead rather than being dragged into.”