Things to Look For When Buying a Garage Door Opener

Before buying a new garage door opener, make sure that you have checked some important points such as, type of drive system, horsepower, remote control, security features, safety accessories, motor (AC or DC), and warranty. These tips will assure you which garage door opener is best to buy. Click here to find out more information about garage door openers. Well, in this article I will describe 6 important points to look for.


HP or horsepower is a basic detail you need to get. The horsepower is directly related to the capacity of your garage door. It will assure that the device has enough power to lift the garage door smoothly. Therefore make sure that you have inspected the garage door thoroughly including weight, height, type, and balance of the garage door.  For a single garage door, ½ HP is enough.

Type of drive system:

There are three types of driven systems of garage door openers. Chain drives are noisier because they are made with metal chains and trolleys. They are costly devices. Screw drives openers work with a threaded steel rod. Look for the recent model that uses plastic-lined tracks to control the noises and increase the speed. Belt drives are the best option due to their performance. If you are concerned about the noises, then belt drives are perfect for you. Another type of drive system is the direct drive option. They do not use a nosier chain, belt, or screw system because they drive with the help of one moving chain system. They are strong, durable, and quieter than others.

Safety and security features of garage door opener:

Security and safety is major concern. Fortunately, the best garage door opener offers the best security features to prevent unauthorized entries. It offers safety to protect the user from accidents even in the case of break-ins. The quick-release mechanism will allow you to disconnect it from the opener in the case of entrapment. 

Remote control facility:

With the help of remote control getting into and out of your garage is convenient than before. You won’t have to leave the car alone to operate the garage door. The availability of accessories has been increased including the key remotes and wireless keypads. 


New models of openers use DC (direct current) motor instead of standard AC (alternative current) motor. A DC motor uses little electricity and offers a high speed that can be controlled easily. It allows a simple drive mechanism to run quietly. Nevertheless, some of the openers utilize AC motors that allow smooth start and stop. 


A warranty is an assurance to make you comfortable using the product. Check the terms and conditions of the products. Some garage door openers give a warranty for the products while others only give a warranty to the specific parts.