WBEZ: Do conservatives have the answer to climate change?

Unfazed by tea party scorn, a conservative doubles down on calls for a price on carbon

By Chris Bentley (@cementley)
January 30, 2013, WBEZ 91.5 Chicago

To hear former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis tell it, the Right Wing aversion to climate change policy may as well be a medical condition.

“When you mention ‘carbon,’ conservatives break out in hives,” he jokes, “and when you say ‘tax,’ they go into anaphylactic shock.”

He says this not mockingly, but by way of explanation. Despite losing his seat in South Carolina’s deeply conservative 4th Congressional District in 2010, Inglis has continued his crusade to rally conservatives around “free-market” solutions to climate change. His Energy and Enterprise Initiative at George Mason University promoted the message during a presidential campaign in which even the Democratic Party candidate tiptoed around the issue.

“Conservatives have been running from this issue and failing the country,” he said Tuesday at Northwestern University. “But Republicans and conservatives have the answer to this.”

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