Maintain Your Garage Door Torsion Spring

As with all mechanical gadgets around the home, the garage door needs regular maintenance services to make sure that it is working the way it was designed to. Unluckily, most homeowners are unaware of the fact that the garage door and its mechanical components including torsion springs need occasional maintenance and safety checkups. 

To keep your garage door in tip-top condition, you need to conduct an inspection and maintenance routine periodically. Torsion springs are the most critical parts to be maintained for the proper and safer functioning of the garage door. The torsion springs are also the most obvious culprits to pay special attention to when you are experiencing trouble during garage door operations.

Since torsion springs are placed under extreme tension which are wounded very tightly. It is due to the extreme tension imposed on them; even the highest quality springs will break out over time and finally snap. That is why the torsion springs have to be contained in order to avoid physical injuries and property damages.

These containments are either in the form of heavy metal cable or with the roller shutter garage door, an external steel tube. Either your garage door is older or contained with a tube, it is recommended to have them checked and adjusted by the professional and the best Newtown garage door spring repair service. They should be adjusted or replaced accordingly if needed.

Many overhead garage doors have two separate springs. In case, only one of them is broken, do not just replace the damaged one. Both springs should be handled at the same time even though the other one shows few signs of fatigue. You will waste your efforts, time, and money because the other will not be far behind the first one. You might have an efficient garage door, where the torsion springs create squeaking sounds or chattering noises while lifting or lowering the garage door. It is not a sign that the springs of your garage door are on their last legs and need a quick replacement. The issue can often be fixed simply by applying high-quality lubricants such as WD-40, silicone spray, or something similar.

Another clear sign that the torsion springs on your garage door need to be inspected, adjusted, or replaced if there are broken or frayed cables hanging along with the ceiling of the garage. Regardless of the quality of the garage door, it is an indication that garage door cables are about to break out. A sudden break of torsion springs or cables could cause serious physical injuries and property damages. These cables need to be replaced by a professional garage door expert who is knowledgeable and trained about the problems related to the broken garage door cables or springs.

Due to the heavyweight of the garage door, torsion springs are used to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. This is why; these springs are kept under a high amount of pressure which makes them tricky and dangerous to adjust. Don’t ever try to attempt this task on your own. It is always suggested that schedule a yearly inspection and maintenance appointment with a registered and reputable garage door repair company. It will also help you to avoid the risk of potential injures and provide you peace of mind that your garage door will function properly and safely every time.