Energy and Enterprise has a good intention in their advocacy. They help people take the necessary steps in making themselves less dependent on fuel. I never thought that I would be one to invest in renewable energy. I don’t know how they function and I thought they are way beyond my budget so although I am interested, such is just a blip on my radar. But then again, I attended one of the seminars conducted by this agency and I’ve never been more wrong. I learned how beneficial renewable energy sources are to the environment and how extremely affordable they are. They even helped me find the right company to install it and run me through the process of energy conversion. Honestly, at first, I did not really understand the particulars. But soon I learned to adjust and it helped me a lot. My bills got relatively lower so I really saved a lot from this upgrade. All thanks to Energy and Enterprise.


Having attended the seminars hosted by Energy and Enterprise, I learned a lot about energy sources. I learned about the business and the problems we are facing today. Contrary to what many believe, we can do something to help. We can be a part of the voice which call for a change. Not only are we helping ourselves but our environment as well. You can be scared of the uncertainty of these changes but Energy and Enterprise would help you. I always come to them for help especially with my newly installed solar panels and I never encountered any of their members yet to be less than friendly. They are always polite, accommodating, and always ready to help. I’m glad to be a part of their advocacy which aims to help people. Be a volunteer here and I promise you it would be worth your while.