When to Call for Garage Door Repair Company

Garage door projects may be simple or complex depending on the situation, material, and nature of damages. For example, when you hear loud squeaky sounds, the garage door refuses to open and close, you are confused if it is a problem that you can address or treat on your own.

If you conduct garage door tasks to keep your garage door running smoothly, then you can easily prevent the need to hire professional garage door services frequently. But it is always suggested to consult a professional garage door technician like, garage door repair in Pittsburgh to deal with your malfunctioning garage door. However, there are some problems that you should not handle on your own including:

Garage door panels: In case, one or more garage door panels are damaged and you need to replace them, keep in mind that it is not a problem of the operating system of the garage door but it relates to cosmetic issues. You will have to make sure that the panels match the specific type, brand, colors, type, and material of your existing garage door. Professional has great expertise to choose the right panel and install them correctly.

Garage door springs: When garage door springs break, your garage door will not function properly. There are two types of springs, one is torsion springs and the other is extension springs, each type of spring has different replacement requirements. This type of task needs special training, knowledge, and tools. It is a dangerous task to handle so it is wise to leave it to the professionals.

Damaged rollers and bent tracks: Garage door rollers allow your garage door to run smoothly. With the passage of time, they can become worn out which should be replaced. These are installed inside the tracks which should be replaced if they got damaged due to an accident. Like springs, you will need special training and proper tools to take care of the issues with rollers and tracks.

Broken garage door cables: Metal cables are placed under extreme pressure which controls the garage door to work properly. These cables are dangerous to manage due to the high amount of tension on them. You should leave this type of problem to the professionals. With regular maintenance services, you can reduce the cost of major garage door repairs. Following are the few points you can follow to keep your garage door working smoothly.

  • Keep moving hardware tightened and secured: Due to frequent operations and movements, the screws, bolts, and nuts that hold the mechanism can become loose. You should inspect and tightened them to keep your garage door functional.
  • Lubrication: The screw, chain opener, and other moving hardware should lubricate with the help of lithium grease. It will keep the garage door opener working smoothly and quietly. You must check the user’s manual for this purpose.
  • Balance of garage door: You should test the balance of the garage door to keep it aligned. First of all, disconnect the opener and then raise the garage door to its half path by hand. If it is properly aligned, it will be stable at its position. If it rides back up, the torsion springs lose their tension; you should hire a professional contractor.

Even if you perform regular garage door maintenance and repair services may be required at any point during the life of the garage door. Consult a licensed, trained, and experienced garage door technician. Do not hesitate to call them for complex and dangerous problems.